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Ponytail Palm 8''

1 ct

Ponytail Palm 8''

1 ct

Ponytail Palms bring unique shape and life to your space with a tall, narrow growth habit that's perfect for filling corners. If well taken care of, it can grow as tall as 8 ft. if repotted every few years. Native to southeastern Mexico, the Ponytail Palm loves bright indirect light and watering once the soil is completely dry. Your plant comes in a biodegradable pot! While you can always repot your plant entirely, you can simply place the entire plant, with the pulp pot, into a decorative pot of your choosing.

Plant Size: 24" to 36" tall
Grows up to: 8' tall
Pot Size: 8"



Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea recurvata).

Plastic pots.

Plants will arrive happy & healthy.

Place your plant in a room with bright indirect light. Water once every two weeks, allowing soil to dry out between waterings. 

Temperature Tolerance: 60° - 80°F
Plant Size: 24" to 36" tall
Grows up to: 8' tall
Pot Size: 8"
Pet Friendly: Yes

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