3 Assorted Succulents

3 ct

Succulents bring life to any space. These plants are super easy to care for and can thrive with minimal supervision. Native to South Africa, they flourish when in bright, direct sunlight and are healthiest when soaked and allowed to dry out between watering. Since these succulents are so petite in size, they are perfect for kitchen shelves, a dining table accent, or even hung in the bathroom. Your plants come in a biodegradable pots! While you can always repot your plants entirely, you can simply place them, with the pulp pots, into decorative pots of your choosing.

More sustainable.
Nothing to hide

More sustainable.
Nothing to hide

3 Assorted Succulents: Elephant Bush, Haworthia Zebra, & Jade Crassula

Plastic pots.

Plants will arrive happy & healthy.

Soak, then allow soil to dry out completely between watering.
Place plant in bright, direct sunlight, ideally for 6-8 hours per day.

Temperature Tolerance: 60º - 80º F

Plant Size: 2" to 4" in tall

Pot Size: 4" Pots

Pet Friendly: Elephant Bush (No), Haworthia Zebra (Yes), Jade Crassula (Yes)

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