Ramen Variety Pack

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Our brothless ramen noodles are a healthier take on this classic convenience food. Made with a special technique that eliminates the need for deep frying, they're lower in fat than traditional ramen noodles. Our ramen noodles are all natural and made with simple, whole ingredients that were grown on a farm and not in a lab. Delicious on their own or with your favorite proteins and veggies, it's a wholesome meal that's ready in minutes. Now all three flavors are available in one convenient bundle: original, sesame paste and spicy sesame. With 15 packs total, it's an easy way to always have a satisfying meal on hand.

What’s in it: All three classic flavors our healthy ramen.

What’s not in it: MSG, artificial colors, flavors or additives.

It’s all good: This product is all natural, vegan-friendly and contains no preservatives.

Made in Taiwan.



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