Popcorn Popper

1 ct

Our glass popcorn popper is beautifully minimal, simple to use, and easy to clean. The shape and composition of this borosilicate glass popper is movie ready—with a wide mouth for easy snacking and a handle for easy pouring. 

Made in China.

More sustainable.
Nothing to hide



More sustainable.
Nothing to hide

Borosilicate glass & silicone.


This product is dishwasher safe.

7.28" tall x 7.28" diameter. (9" diameter including handle)

Just pour 1/3 cup of desired kernels into the pot and place in the microwave for 3-4 minutes, or until popping has slowed. 
For extra flavor, add butter or oil into the basin of the silicone lid, and just like magic, it will melt down and evenly coat the popcorn as it pops. When finished, simply remove the lid and enjoy. Place in the dishwasher for a mess-free, stress-free clean.
Note: For exclusive use in microwaves. Not for stovetop use or in direct contact with flame.

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