Bath Mat (20" x 36")

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Our 100% organic Turkish cotton bath mats are thick, ultra soft, and absorbent so you can step out of the shower on the right foot. While we designed them for the bathroom, they’re also a great fit for next to your bed or in the kitchen. Our bath mats are woven from premium organic cotton sourced directly from the Aegean region of Turkey and made exclusively from long cotton yarn, so they’re as strong as they are soft. Made without harmful chemical treatments, synthetic fertilizers nor pollutant dyes, so it’s safe on your skin and environmentally friendly.

What’s in it: 100% organic Turkish cotton.

What’s not in it: plastic fibers, GMO fabric, synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

It’s all good: This product is biodegradable, 100% organic and, sustainably harvested and manufactured to the highest possible environmental standards.

Made in Turkey.



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