About Us

We’re on a mission to make healthy products
affordable and accessible to everyone.

How We Do It

Most brands go through four suppliers before selling you a product. That adds cost at every step. But we’re changing the supply chain: for a flat annual fee, our members have access to high-quality essentials without the marked-up prices.

Our Product Difference

The highest standards.

We work obsessively to develop the perfect version of each product. Then we have our friends, family, and the pickiest people we know test every last thing. There’s only one kind of each item in our store, so you’re guaranteed it’s the highest quality without the headache of comparing endless options.

Healthy not harmful.

Did you know that there are over 1,000 unhealthy ingredients in common household and personal care products. They’re linked to cancer, hormone disruption, and a host of other harmful effects - not just for our bodies but also our environment. At Public Goods, you’re protected because we use only safe and healthy ingredients that are good for people and the planet alike.

Designed for
your home.

We design our goods to be as beautiful as they are functional. Other brands use brightly colored bottles to stand out on a store shelf, not sit beautifully in your home. Our packaging is clean and simple — designed to complement your space, not visually assault it with ads.