Snake Plant

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Snake plants are a perfect corner accent for your space. Known for their tall sword-shaped leaves, they are beautiful and easy to take care of. Be careful not to over-care for your snake plant. Native to tropical regions of Africa, they are resilient and can tolerate low light, high temperatures, and small amounts of water. Your plant comes in a biodegradable pot! While you can always repot your plant entirely, you can simply place the entire plant, with the pulp pot, into a decorative pot of your choosing.

Plant Care: Allow top 2" to 3" of soil to dry between watering to avoid rotting. Make sure soil is well- drained.
Place plant in bright indirect sunlight.

Temperature Tolerance: 55º- 85º F

Plant Size: 24" to 30" tall

Pot Size: 8"

Pet Friendly: No

What’s in it: Snake Plant (Sansevieria Zeylanica).

What’s not in it: Plastic pots.

It’s all good: Plants will arrive happy & healthy.



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