Public Goods Wine Red Variety 12-Pack

Red Variety 12-Pack

$218 $179
12 ct

Red Variety 12-Pack

$218 $179
12 ct

Our Red Variety 12-Pack includes six bottles of Malbec and six bottles of our Chilean Red Blend.



Red Blend (13% ABV): A product of warm Chilean days and cool Andean nights, our red blend presents juicy dark fruits and finishes with crisp acidity. All with a soft mouthfeel. Made from 60% cabernet sauvignon, 30% carmenere, and 10% cab franc. Tasting notes: fig, black plum, cassis. Pair with: braised lamb, short ribs, heart-to-hearts.

Malbec (14.5% ABV): Organically grown. Biodynamically farmed. No added sulfites. Our malbec is juicy, fruit-forward, and dry. Because it’s a natural wine, residual sediment lingers at the bottom of the bottle—an indicator of its artisanry. The winery that produces our malbec raises sheep to weed the vineyards and bees to pollinate the vines. It's a great candidate for aging if delayed gratification is your thing. Tasting notes: wild strawberries, fresh blackberries, a hint of licorice. Pair with: red meats, chocolate ice cream, Criterion Channel. 

Animal products.

This wine is made with organic grapes.

Wondering why you can't buy a single bottle? To get you the best wine at the best price point with lower carbon emissions our wine is sold as 12-packs instead of single bottles.

Please note: Wine cannot be shipped internationally or to the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah.

 Public Goods is not the retailer or seller. In accordance with state laws, all orders are reviewed, accepted, and fulfilled by licensed entities, separate from Public Goods, in the industry.

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