Joseph's Coat Croton

1 ct

The Joseph's Coat Croton is a vibrant accent to your space with leaves of varying shapes, sizes, and colors. Native to Malaysia, the Pacific Islands, and Northern Australia, the Joseph's Coat Croton loves medium to bright indirect light and consistent watering. For increased growth and overall health, also mist every two weeks. If well taken care of, this plant can grow between three and eight feet! Your plant comes in a biodegradable pot! While you can always repot your plant entirely, you can simply place the entire plant, with the pulp pot, into a decorative pot of your choosing.

Plant Size: 11" to 16" tall
Grows up to: 3' to 8' tall
Pot Size: 6"



Joseph's Coat Croton (Codiadeum variegatum 'Petra').

Plastic pots.

 Plants will arrive happy & healthy.

Place your plant in a room with medium to bright indirect light. Water once every 1-2 weeks, keeping soil moist but never soggy.   

Temperature Tolerance: 65° - 85°F
Plant Size: 11" to 16" tall
Grows up to: 3' to 8' tall
Pot Size: 6"
Pet Friendly: No

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