Janet Craig Dracaena

1 ct

The Janet Craig Dracaena is a stunning and vibrant mid-size plant that adds a pop of green to your space. Native throughout tropical Africa, the Janet Craig Dracaena is low maintenance. It loves low indirect light and watering once the soil is completely dry. Your plant comes in a biodegradable pot! While you can always repot your plant entirely, you can simply place the entire plant, with the pulp pot, into a decorative pot of your choosing.

Plant Size: 4" to 7" tall
Grows up to: 3' to 6' tall
Pot Size: 4"



Janet Craig Dracaena (Dracaena deremensis).

Plastic pots.

Plants will arrive happy & healthy.

Place your plant in a room with low indirect light. Water sparingly, allowing soil to dry out nearly completely between waterings.  

Temperature Tolerance: 65° - 80°F
Plant Size: 4" to 7" tall
Grows up to: 3' to 6' tall
Pot Size: 4"
Pet Friendly: No

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