Healthy products, minus the unhealthy markups.

Our mission is to make premium, healthy goods available to everyone. With one flat anuual fee, you get products at the same price they cost us to make. We started with bathroom essentials and new products launch every month.

“An obvious yes.”

“Provides simple products and convenience.”

“The easiest way to restock your bathroom.”

Our Products

We started with bathroom essentials, and will be launching new products every month. The more we add, the more you save.


Moisturizer -

Our moisturizer hydrates, balances and protects your skin with a mild yet effective formula.  It’s ideal for all skin types, and absorbs quickly, instantly benefitting and nourishing your skin with...

Bar Soap

Bar Soap -

Our bar soap is an all purpose gentle cleanser that protects your skin’s moisture and is perfect for use on hands and body. It’s naturally mild, with a subtle citrus scent of fresh grapefruit, juic...

Razor Handle

Razor Handle -

Our refillable razor handle is the perfect blend of form and function, giving you a firm grip on your shave. We ditched the bright, disposable plastics for an elegant bamboo handle that’s made to l...

Razor Blades

Razor Blades -

Simple but meticulously constructed, our razor blades give a close, comfortable and precise shave. Pairs with our refillable bamboo razor handle, designed to reduce waste while giving you a control...

Shaving Cream

Shaving Cream -

Our shaving cream lubricates and moisturizes your face or legs with a rich, smooth lather while keeping you cool and refreshed with a hint of peppermint. The razor glides safely and comfortably ove...

2 Toothbrushes

2 Toothbrushes -

Our bamboo, biodegradable toothbrush is a handsome and environmentally conscious alternative to standard plastic brushes. With soft bristles and a natural-finish handle, our toothbrush means better...

Tree-Free Toilet Paper

Tree-Free Toilet Paper -

For us, a smarter bath tissue is all about softness and sustainability. We chose sustainable bamboo and sugar cane pulp (technically both grasses) because it’s softer than paper and saves trees. Th...

Shampoo 12oz

Shampoo 12oz -

Our gentle shampoo is powered by a blend of essential oils to nourish and cleanse your hair, rather than harsh detergents and chemicals that will strip and erode it. Hair is left visibly stronger a...

Conditioner 12oz

Conditioner 12oz -

We’ve crafted our conditioner to deeply hydrate and protect hair from environmental damage using all natural ingredients and a carefully selected blend of essential oils. Hair is noticeably softer ...

Hand Soap 12oz

Hand Soap 12oz -

Our gentle liquid soap is powered by a blend of essential oils that is hard working on dirt but gentle on your skin. Our non-irritating formula was designed to keep skin smooth and hydrated while p...

Body Wash 12oz

Body Wash 12oz -

Our gentle body wash is powered by a blend of essential oils that refreshes, cleanses and nourishes your body without drying or distressing the skin. Light and fragrant with a naturally derived sce...

Mini Lip Balm 0.05oz

Mini Lip Balm 0.05oz -

Our lip balm uses healthy, high grade ingredients that harmonize with your body to keep your lips hydrated and smooth. It’s vegan, gluten-free and packed with nutrients that will make your lips smi...