Household Products.

Just one version of every essential in
just one place. Healthy. High quality.
Sustainable and affordable.

Our mission is simple:
make healthy, eco-friendly products
affordable to everyone.

Premium quality products, yet more affordable
than even Amazon and Walmart

Averaging 50% less than Walmart and
60% less than Amazon

Averaging 50% less than Walmart and
60% less than Amazon

How we're doing it

Most brands go through four suppliers before selling you soap. That adds cost as every step.

We develop our own line of products and sell them directly to you, offering you the lowest cost - always.

As seen in

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Our line of natural products

We're adding new products every month, and all of them are healthy, cruelty-free, and offered at the lowest cost possible.

Just as we prioritize making products that are healthy and affordable, we also look for the most innovative ways to make eco-friendly products accessible: sugarcane bioplastics, bamboo paper and menstrual care products, organic and fair-trade food, and biodegradable replacements for single-use plastics. We want to make sustainable choices straight-forward, easier to understand, and readily available in the marketplace.

What our members are saying

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So glad I joined!"

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"I got my Public Goods membership
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low-impact/sustainable goods it's
definitely a money saver."

- Erin M.

"We love our membership.
Everything smells great in a natural
way, and it looks sleek to have all
our household products match with
minimalist design."

- Pilar G.

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