Cool. Calm. Collected. Introducing our CBD Collection.

Regeneratively grown.

Our CBD is regeneratively grown - a radical farming method that rehabilitates and enhances ecosystems. Regenerative farming actively reduces greenhouse gases through carbon sequestration - that long-term removal of carbon from the atmosphere.

Meticulously extracted.

Full spectrum CBD uses the entire plant, including the leaf, stalk and seeds in the extraction process. This preserves the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and fatty acids. Doing so amplifies the therapeutic benefits. All of our CBD products are painstakingly extracted and 100% full spectrum.

Designed for you.

We’ve formulated 4 unique CBD products to best suit your lifestyle and ensure maximum absorption — a salve, soft gels, and 2 tinctures. All products in our CBD line are pure, ethically-made, and of the highest quality.


An Inside Look at Public Goods’ New Farm-to-Tincture CBD Products.