"All natural" maxis stay in
landfills for 500 years.

Biodegradable care is better for
your body and the planet.

How We're Doing It

Most brands go through four suppliers before selling you soap. That adds cost at every step. But we’re changing the supply chain: One flat annual membership fee gets you zero retail markups.

Our Product Difference


It took us over a year to develop our first products. We reviewed over 100 labs. Consulted with clean beauty experts. Hired the most reputable chemists. Then we had our friends, family, and the pickiest people we could find to test every single product.

not harmful.

Did you know that there are over 1,000 unhealthy ingredients banned in Europe that are used in products here in the US? Did you know they’re linked to cancer, hormone disruption, and a host of other harmful effects? Don’t get scared—get informed. At Public Goods you’re protected, because we use only safe and healthy ingredients.

Designed for
your home.

Call us snobs, but we can’t stand the badly designed, bright bottles that most brands use. They look like that because they’re made to stand out at the drugstore, not sit beautifully in your bathroom. Our packaging is clean and simple—designed to complement your space, not visually assault it.