Lemon Essential Oil

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Our therapeutic grade 100% pure, organic lemon oil offers a wide range of benefits in a small bottle. With an invigorating scent, lemon oil is a popular commodity that calms inflammation, aids digestion and fights bacteria and fungi. It provides natural nourishment and hydration for the skin with rich antioxidant content, can be used to fight bad breath and improve oral health and is also a popular remedy for nausea. With proven antimicrobial properties, lemon oil is ideal for making safe and strong home cleaners and can be used as a natural disinfectant to wash dishes, clean laundry and more.

What’s in it: 100% premium, organic, therapeutic grade lemon oil (Citrus limon).

What’s not in it: anything other than 100% lemon oil.

It’s all good: we don’t believe in animal testing; this product is organic and vegan-friendly.

Product of Italy



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